custom gym workout plan


Your custom workout plan, exactly aligned for you and your goals!

Get your custom workout plan

Your workout plan will be created individually for you and tailored to your goals!

It optimizes your sporting potential and will help you achieve your goals. Progress is based on structure and planning. So train with plan and get the maximum out of you!

Your plan:

  • In addition to your goals, the plan also considers your current training status and how often you want to work out per week.

This product is of course suitable for women as well as for men, because in both cases it is created completely individually for your goals and requests!


1. By purchasing this workout plan, you will receive a questionnaire with questions about your current fitness status and your current training.

2. You complete this questionnaire and send it back to .

3. After receiving payment + submitting the completed questionnaire, you will receive your custom workout plan within 1-3 working days.

4. This is a one-time service and does not cover subsequent support with follow-up plans-for possible questions about the plan, I am of course available by email.

The workout plan is only for you and your goals and therefore non-transferable.


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