2in1 Package: custom diet and bulking plans


start now with custom plans for your dream body

start now with custom plans for your dream body

You want to get fit, build muscle and burn fat? I’ll help you with that!

With this package you get a workout plan, as well as diet plans for muscle building and the cutting toget your body in shape.

The package includes the following custom plans for you:

  • custom workout plan (gym or home workout)
  • custom diet plan for bulking / muscle building
  • custom diet plan for cutting / dieting.

With the package you get two custom diet plans for €149 & a workout plan with a total value of 197€!!

You get all the plans right at the beginning and are therefore free to decide how long you want to build muscle and from when your diet should start.

Your plans:

  • The workout plan takes care of your current training status, how often you want to train per week, whether you want to work out in the gym or just at home.
  • The diet plans include calculating your daily calorie needs and are then precisely adapted to suit you. In addition to your calories, they take into account, among other things, the course of your daily life, your working hours, as well as nutritional preferences and foods that you do not like.
  • The nutrition plans also include a supplement guide with non-binding recommendations as to which dietary supplements you can take.

The plans complement each other perfectly, so you can take advantage of your maximum potential to reach your eaves figure. Success is based on structure and planning. work out and eat with a plan and get the maximum out of you!

This product is, of course, suitable for both women and men, as it is created completely individually for you in both cases!

Normal, vegetarian or vegan nutrition plans are possible. You can also choose whether you want to work out in a gym or at home.

This is not a program or subscription with hidden costs! With the one-time payment, you get all the plans to reach your goal.


1. By purchasing the 2in1 package, you will receive a questionnaire with questions about your current diet, your training and more information about you.

2. You complete this questionnaire and send it back to .

3. After receiving payment + submitting the completed questionnaire, you will receive your custom plans within 1-3 working days.

4. This is a one-time service and does not cover subsequent support with follow-up plans-for possible questions about the plan, I am of course available by email.

The plans are created individually for you and your goals and therefore non-transferable.

A kitchen scale is recommended for the exact implementation of the nutrition plans.


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